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You can choose your bows from our complete range of bows and related items, from medium level to professional, including violin bows, viola bows, cello bows, double bass bows, baroque bows, frogs, cases, bow hair etc., standard or personalized

Finest Materials

The wood is selected and air dried for years, bow hair and fittings are selected strictly too. Every knot, stain and even scratch is taken care. The carbon bows use the best materials in bow making industry, fashionable and reliable.

Hand Crafted

Master makers, with decades of experience, dedicated in bow craft. Every detail is cared, from material selection, stick balance, performance, to tiny polishing, which makes it not only a bow, but a piece of work with spirit and soul.

Advanced Technology

Benefit from ongoing development of carbon Fiber technology, our carbon fiber bows represent the most advanced technology trend in this industry. good stiffness, flexibility and playability, makes every play tremendous enjoyment.

Twenty years ago, we were a small workshop only made wood bows. Now, we are a manufactory making wood bows, carbon bows, as well as various customized bows. We inherit the traditional bow making crafts and integrate modern technologies, so you will find the bows are more than what you expect.

Finest & Abundant Materials
We only use good materials for the bows. We have plenty of wood raw materials in stock, all the wood is carefully selected and air dried for years. The carbon bows use the best carbon fiber materials for bow making, fashionable and reliable.

Personalize Your Bows